In addition to bird watching, Galicia offers visitors a wide range of natural areas both in its inland and on its coast.

You'll be enchanted by the magic of a foggy day while walking through a forest of chestnut trees. Feel the Atlantic wind on a sechuled beach. Soak up the evening light at the foot of one of our lighthouses.

Galicia is a mosaic of colours that is inhabited not only by birds. Come discover it.

Natural spaces

Much of Galicia is covered by some form of protection. Notable is the PIllas Atlánticas de Galicia Maritime Terrestrial Na, but there are also 6 biosphere reserves, 6 natural parks and 82 areas belonging to the Natura 2000 network. Besides birds, you'll find in them a variety of places that are home to a rich flora and fauna.


Galicia has vast forests that reflect the diversity of climates and habitats in its territory. Oaks and chestnut trees, riparian forests in the land of a thousand rivers, birches and yew hiding in the mountains, sturdy oaks in the warmest areas.

Put on your boots and enjoy a walk through them. You'll feel Galicia in its most natural state.

Lighthouses and wild beaches

The coast is one of Galicia's main attractions.

Along its nearly 1,500 km of coastline you can find beaches and places beaches and places sure to enchant you with the untamed beauty of the sea while you admire a landscape dotted with lighthouses at the end of the world and wild beaches where birds aren't the only ones seeking tranquillity and rest.