Top ten: Ten unrivalled destinations

Galicia is water, land, wind… Galicia is feeling, passion, joy, longing… Galicia is art, history, legend… It’s everything that makes you dream, moves you, makes you marvel… All this is Galicia, a land you’ll begin to discover little by little, step by step…

And for this reason we offer you a selection of ten unrivalled destinations in this region that cannot fail to arouse your emotions, and that without a shadow of doubt embody the essence of Galicia: you’ll encounter natural wonders such as the Cíes Islands or the cliffs at Vixía Herbeira, World Heritage Sites such as the Walls of Lugo, the Tower of Hercules or the Way of St James and the Old Town in Santiago, places whose landscapes and architecture are of unequalled beauty, such as the Ribeira Sacra or the Ferrol of the Age of Enlightenment, and others of outstanding mythological or historical value, such as Cape Finisterre or the Hill Fort of Santa Trega.