Lighthouses and Wild Beaches

If there is a sound in Galicia that never ceases, it is the sea crashing on the rocks, the rough sea on which even the most experienced sailors have lived difficult times, where mermaids once dwelt.

The coastline of Galicia takes shape tide after tide, giving rise to wild beaches, estuaries and the open sea, endless shores that are ideal for walking while the salty breeze caresses your face and you can feel the wet sand under your feet. As it could not be otherwise, our coastline is guarded by numerous lighthouses, located in stunning enclaves that help ships reach their haven day after day.

Discovering our coastline can become a unique experience if apart from admiring its beauty, you live it in a different way: diving into our seas, feeling the sea breeze while you are surfing, sailing our waters and reaching places as stunning as our islands, where you will find all kinds of treasure, discovering our lighthouses one by one – they are all witness to the journeys made by ships along our coast … In short, leave your footprints on our wildest beaches and let Galicia do the same in turn with you.

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