Galician springs


Galicia is the number one hot springs destination in Spain. There are more than 300 hot springs in the region – making it one of the richest in Europe in terms of mineral and hot springs – that were used by the Romans. Our thermal spas have a long tradition as therapeutic, relaxation and leisure centres.

Seawater also has many benefits for body and mind and thalassotherapy spas concentrate all these benefits. Besides the water, the algae, mud and sea salt treatments – combined with other products such as wine or chocolate – provide a stimulating experience.

In Galicia, the sea offers the world’s finest fish and seafood, guarding treasures deep in its ocean, and its islands innumerable legends. Its water creates beautiful landscapes in which vineyards find the ideal conditions for producing excellent wines.

We offer you hot springs and spa tourism so that you can experience Galicia in a totally different way – through its water – combining the best of our land with restful moments in thermal spas and thalassotherapy spas.