Galicia Water Society

Landscapes and experiences to immerse yourself in Galicia

The sea and rivers, streams and thermal baths, rain and snow shape our landscapes.
Boats, thermal baths, mills, energy exploitation or sea industries have been making use of it for thousands of years.

The Galician Lighthouse Route, the Xacobean Nautical Journey, the Journey to the Water Country and the Spas offer are the suggestions brought to you by the Galician Water Club to draw visitors closer to water and its landscapes with fresh eyes and, above all, to enjoy it. Explore the coast from lighthouse to lighthouse sharing moments with maritime professionals; go down the Miño river from Parador to Parador crossing great plains and enclosed valleys; pilgrimage to Santiago by sailboat, as a crew member or passenger; relax while water jets massage you in a swimming pool.
We are water, we need water, we love water... and we enjoy water.

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