What is a spa? Let's start from the beginning... Spas are facilities that work with mineral-medicinal waters declared to be of public utility. This is the difference with other wellness establishments that work with water: thalassotherapy centres, which use sea water, and spas, which use running water. In addition, the spas have mainly therapeutic and preventive treatments for health.

You are in good hands. Galicia has been taking advantage of springs, sources of health and also rituals and legends for millennia. Today, this tradition is cleansed with scientific knowledge: a knowledge of the chemical composition of each body of water and its effects on health. Prepare your wellness break knowing that, in addition to relaxation and enjoyment, you are taking care of your health.

Inland Galicia

Discover the Lugo landscapes. The Roman city's spa stands on the imperial thermal baths; the meadows and open landscapes of A Terra Cha or the Ribeira Sacra del Miño... all of them seem to be the perfect settings to accompany treatments and whisk us away from everyday life. The province of Ourense has been renovating its facilities for years and establishing itself as a great thermal centre; near the capital, or even on the border to Portugal, there are facilities where you can be treated for a wide range of ailments. Vila de Cruces (Pontevedra), from the centre of Galicia, also joins this proposal to discover inland Galicia while you take care of yourself.

More information:

    Arnoia  Caldaria Hotel Balneario***. Arnoia. www.caldaria.es
    Balneario Baños dá Brea**. Vila de Cruces. www.balneariodabrea.com
    Balneario de Baños de Molgas*. Baños de Molgas. www.balneariodemolgas.com
    Balneario de Caldas de  Partovia. O Carballiño. 988 273 057
    Balneario de Lugo – Termas Romanas***. Lugo. www.balneariodelugo.com
    Balneario de  Sousas. Verín. 988 410 230
    Gran Balneario do Carballiño. O Carballiño. 988 270 926
    Laias  Caldaria Hotel Balneario****. Cenlle. www.caldaria.es
    Lobios  Caldaria Hotel Balneario****.Lobios. www.caldaria.es
    Oca Augas Santas Balneario & Golf Resort****. Pantón. www.augassantas.es

Near the coast

There are many spas located a few kilometres from the sea that let you escape to the coast between treatments. You can set up base close to the rugged and spectacular Costa da Morte in the gentle Rías Baixas. You have all the services and leisure proposals from the cities and major tourist centres of Atlantic Galicia at your fingertips so that you won’t miss anything.

More information:

Balneario Acuña**. Caldas de Reis. www.relaistermal.com
Balneario Caldelas de Tui**. Tui. www.balneariodecaldelas.com
Balneario de Carballo**. Carballo. www.balneariodecarballo.com
Balneario Dávila**. Caldas de Reis. www.balneariodavila.com
Blaneario de Mondariz****. Mondariz. www.balneariodemondariz.com   
Eurostars Gran Hotel da Toja***. O Grove. www.eurostarsgranhotellatoja.com
Hotel Balneario de Compostela*** SUP. Brión. www.hbcompostela.com
Hotel  Eurostars Illa da Toja***. O Grove. www.eurostarsisladelatoja.com
Termas de Cuntis****. Cuntis. www.termasdecuntis.com

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