Thalassos of Galicia

The word thalassotherapy derives from the two Greek nouns thálassa, which means the sea, and therapeia, healing. Unlike spas, which make use of medicinal waters, thalassotherapy centres employ sea water for preventive and curative purposes, as well as other marine elements such as seaweed, muds of different kinds and even the sea air, which is why they are inevitably located on the coast.

Another basic requisite of this kind of establishment is to be equipped with the right technology for purifying the water they take from the sea and ensuring its continual replacement. This water, which is heated to 37º, allows the skin to absorb trace elements and minerals and for this reason, in addition to its hedonist relaxation and beauty treatments, thalassotherapy is highly recommended for those convalescing from damage or operations to the locomotive system, suffering from rheumatism or worn joints, as well as for people afflicted with respiratory, skin or gynaecological conditions.

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