Camellias in the woods...

«There by the wood, they veiled their blushes just before winter». Around 1968, an Englishman with a “green thumb” came to live in the rural part of Galicia, and decided to apply his unusual gift to the gardens of A Saleta.

When the camellias learned about this special talent, they responded to his magic touch with an unprecedented explosion of colour. Some of them went so far as to exhale something of their own bouquet, discretely, of course as is only natural for a camellia.

Under these conditions, the camellias which the Englishman brought from his country and from elsewhere quickly adapted to A Saleta and the Galician countryside. Where vineyards had flourished, great walls of flowers sprang forth, scattered here and there like islands of colour throughout the meadows. ”There by the wood, they veiled their blushes just before winter.”

The camellias also won the approval of the local roosters, who still cry out their songs of praise with an enviable enthusiasm and regularity. Ever since the 19th century, A Saleta has always has been more of a working farm than a Pazo, despite its chapel, its dovecote and its cypresses.

Over the years, more than 200 varieties of camellia have taken possession of the arbour, the secluded byways and the elegant neglect so typical of English gardens can be enjoyed here, such is A Saleta.

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