Types of camellia accordint to the shape

Simple variety SIMPLE
From 5 to 8 petals with stamen visible in the inner circle.
Semi-double varietySEMI-DOUBLE
Two or more rows of petals (more than 8) either smooth or curly. Stamen visible.


Double incomplete varietyDOUBLE INCOMPLETE
Numerous petals overlapping. Stamen visible when the flower is open.
Double Complete varietyDOUBLE COMPLETE
Several rows of petals overlapping. Stamen not visible.


Anemone varietyANEMONE
One or more rows of exterior petals surrounding a globe-shaped centre formed by stamens and petaloids.
Peony varietyPEONY
Globe-shaped flower with a mixture of irregular petals and petaloids, or of both, plus stamens.


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