Start the engines, get on the road. From lighthouse to lighthouse, you will discover the Galicia that lives and feels the sea.

It is the new idea from MarGalaica Turismo Mariñeiro to surprise you with the most breathtaking coastal landscapes and to immerse you in Galician maritime culture in direct contact with its people. We have everything prepared, the route, the most interesting coastal walks, the Km 0 MarGalaica restaurants, the maritime activities and everything you need for your holidays and the most authentic getaways.

But you set the rules. You can choose your own route, the area to visit. Whatever your choice, we have prepared the most incredible scenery, the best restaurants to taste seafood and the most varied leisure activities. 
From Ribadeo, on the border of Asturias, to A Guarda, on the banks of the Miño, with Portugal on the horizon; the Rías Altas and Rías Baixas; the large cliffs, the immense beaches and small coves; the cities and seaside towns; fishing ports and wholesale fish markets; and, of course... the lighthouses.
Pack your bags, warm up your engines and... get on the road!

The Lighthouses

Dozens of lighthouses with different architecture set in the most spectacular spots. The legendary end of the world at Fisterra, with the nearby Touriñán recalling that science credits it as being even more westerly. The resounding lesson in history and the legend of the Torre de Hércules (Tower of Hercules), the oldest active lighthouse in the world. Lighthouses on small islands such as Illa Pancha, the Sisargas or Tambo, in the Parque Nacional das Illas Atlánticas (Atlantic Islands National Park) in Cíes, Ons and Sálvora. Towers with the sea breaking against the rocks in capes and cliffs Ortegal, Estaca de Bares, Vixía  Herbeira, Cabo Vilán or Cabo Silleiro. Watchtowers of the Rias in Monte Louro, Corrubedo or Cabo Home and sentinels stationed at old fortresses in the castles of San Felipe, A Palma or San Antón. Modern architecture in Frouxeira and Punta  Nariga. While there is only one sea, it is never the same.

Top 50 Walks and Top 100 Selfies

The Top 50 Walks on the Galician coast is a selection, along the coast, of the essential stops to amaze you and introduce you to the variety of the Galician coast. Splashing across the route, the Top 100 Selfies, scenery for uploading unique photos. Legendary lighthouses such as Torre de Hércules and Fisterra. Wild coast icons such as the Loiba Cliff, the O Ézaro Waterfall or the Catedrais Beach. Villas with a special seafaring flavour in Redes, Laxe, Muros and Combarro. Names that evoke tradition in Santo André de Teixido, Camariñas, Muxía, Rianxo, and Combarro. Viewpoints towards the infinite sea or that allow you to see several estuaries at once in O Vicedo, the Castelo de Santa Cruz, A Curota, Cotorredondo and Santa Trega. Urban walks, coastal and island paths, natural parks... Unimaginable paradises.

KM 0 Restaurants

A brand to learn and look for! Km. 0  MarGalaica is the quality gastronomic brand that identifies the restaurants offering products from our sea. All the restaurants along the Galician Lighthouse Route have this stamp, which ensures that they prepare and label dishes prepared under the Km 0 philosophy for you:

Artisanal coastal fishing and shellfish products, using traditional and sustainable techniques.
Unloaded in ports and fish markets in the area, with a maximum distance of 100 km and always in Galician ports. Guarantee of freshness.

Our restaurants are committed, with this stamp, with the customer, to provide the highest quality. However, they are also committed to their land and its people, supporting environmentally and socially sustainable forms of fishing and shellfishing.

The Km 0 philosophy is an international movement linked to gastronomy, catering and food that promotes the consumption of local food products, which generates multiple benefits:

  • Quality and freshness for the customer.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint. The transport of products over long distances makes the carbon footprint of what you cook and eat very high. Opting for local products is also a way of being responsible for our environment.
  • Social responsibility. It encourages the work of local producers, who are thus closer to the final consumer and less pressured (they and you) by large distributors.
  • We protect variety. Backing local productions means backing different varieties of products (biodiversity) and also diversity in culinary culture.

Maritime Activities

Maritime activities are at the heart of the tourist offer. The Lighthouse Route involves people whose livelihood is at sea and who welcome tourists to convey the essence of maritime life. They are not tourism professionals, although they have been prepared to welcome you, sometimes with the collaboration of tourist guides. To learn the sea trades 'redeiras' of Corme or of Burela, Ribera carpenters with centuries of tradition constructing boats, the shellfish gatherers, the manufacturers of artisan preserves; visits ports, fish markets and fishing villages... direct contact with the people of the sea.

The coast never ends and offers much more. The Galician Lighthouses Route has selected the best tourist services in Galicia. Both tourists who have a very defined vocation (cultural, adventure, sea, quiet walk and guided tour) and those who seek to jump from one experience to another, will be able to enjoy the Route to the maximum.
Boat trips, beginner surfing courses, guided routes through fishing villages, museums dedicated to the sea, hiking, kayaking... A very, very complete catalogue.

A selection of accommodation is also part of the Lighthouse Route. Different ranges, different prices... to suit all tastes and, again, also for those who like a variety on the same trip. Charming hotels, some luxurious, small establishments with excellent services, rural tourism