To the north a villain; the imposing cape of Vilán,and to the south a saint; Nosa Señora da Barca (Our Lady of the Boat) welcome those who arrive by sea to the  estuary of Camariñas. The cape of Vilán with its cliffs is a warning of the danger of these waters. The Virgin blesses them and asks them to have mercy on men. For here, in the Costa da Morte, the sea has more power than the land. Very close to the cape, the English Cemetery is a reminder of the tragedy of the Serpent, the Royal Navy ship that ran aground in 1890 and only three sailors survived. But after passing the cape, the sea becomes calm.

From the Area da Vila beach in Camariñas,  to the beach of Espiñeirido in Muxía, the outline of this secluded estuary is like a delicate lace pattern made from white sandy beaches and coves, pine trees and rocks. Nature's filigree; as if God and the sea had agreed to imitate the "palilleiras" (lacemakers) who make the highly regarded and elegant encaixes de Camariñas.