At the entrance of the Ría de Muros e Noia, en route to the Costa da Morte, the silhouette of Monte Louro is amazing. With its two humps of granite and reaching 241 metres above sea level, the mountain seems to emerge directly from the sea, like a portentous and playful Neptune.

At the foot of the Monte – enclosed by the spanking white tongue of sand from the Area Maior beach – is the lagoon of As Xarfas, a complex dune ecosystem rich in flora and fauna. Here reigns the herons, which are attracted by the abundance of amphibians and reptiles.

Very close, completing this beautiful nature reserve, is the magnificent beach of beach of Ancoradoiro, surrounded by beautiful pine trees... perfect for a nap after a swim.

Great sea reserve

The solitary Monte Louro (241 m) rises up at the northern point of the entry to the ría de Muros and Noia. The landscape around it has great visual impact.

The Marine Reserve of Fishing Interest, promoted by the Fishermen's Association of Lira, can be reached by sea (Carnota). By land, there is an important Point of Geological Interest in the area and a stretch open to the sea with a very pleasant lagoon, beaches, rocky areas, lighthouses and horizon.

The lagoon of As Xarfas is closed to the sea by the dunes of the Area Maior beach, better known as the Louro beach. The wetland is surrounded by a small forest liable to flooding, for when there are heavy rains the small river that feeds the area overflows and leaves it up to two metres under water. Beside the lagoon a white beach opens up to the foot of the mountain. Altogether, it makes a perfect heavenly postcard. This is followed by other sandy spot with fine sands and churning, cold waters, like that of Ancoradoiro/Lariño, with an adjacent pine grove and lighthouse. But there is also a succession of rock groups, of which the most famous is the Simprón.

Among the pioneering initiatives in Galicia is fishing tourism, aimed at revaluing artisan fishing, and the creation of marine reserves.

Useful information

Municipalities of Carnota and Muros (A Coruña).

1,160.88 hectares of which 491 hectares consist of sea water.

The AC-550 Noia-Cee road limits the protected space.


  • Accommodation: Yes.
  • Food: Yes.

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Turismo marinero Mar de Lira (Tel.: 981 761 252 - 636 294 796).

Scenic Interpretation Centre (A Cabana-Lira).

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