The last Coast of Continental Europe

Venture to know the confines of the land known until the fifteenth century, among unique panoramas, infarct cliffs and traces of recent wars.
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The tour begins at the cape and lighthouse that mark the wildest and most unknown Spanish coast, silent witnesses of mythical shipwrecks, and also the highest cliffs of the European continental plate. Remote but recent nature and history, which still remain outside the usual tourist circuits.

In addition, you will enjoy a pleasant walk along the Lagoa (Laguna) of Valdoviño, a unique wetland of migratory passage of an important variety of fauna, and famous for its mobile dunes and for the variety of landscapes created by this interrelation between the ocean and the waters interiors.

You will discover the most remote and unexplored coast of Europe: the highest cliffs of the continental plate, the lighthouses that have witnessed dozens of mythical shipwrecks, the most impressive beaches and rocks of the End of the World (until the discovery of America) and the bunkers that the Francoist Navy, and also the Nazis, used for western Europe.

In just one day, you will explore the most unknown coast for Spaniards and also for Galicians: an important piece of its remote and recent history, which still remains oblivious to the usual tourist circuits. Feel the explorer of the last coast of Europe.

They were marine defense bunkers used in the Civil War, but there are discrepancies about the date of their construction. Some sources speak of the 20s, others that would have been made immediately after the Civil War. It does seem to be accredited, through testimonies from the neighborhood, that were unofficially “provided” by Franco to the Nazis.

These tunnels are called “projectors”, because in those years they were used to monitor the coast, and they were used to illuminate several kilometers offshore with huge projectors to be able to identify the enemy’s position and obtain the necessary information for a eventual shot. These attacks would be carried out from other nearby military installations, in this case from the Campelo Alto and Campelo Bajo batteries, which are located on the mountain that we would observe to the left of the lighthouse (if we are facing the sea). The distance between both points is about 4.5 kilometers.

On the left side of the initial tunnel we will find a very narrow and completely dark access that takes us to the checkpoint that we have observed from the surface. It is open and passable, but a flashlight is needed. We will also see what the kitchen, toilets and a warehouse were, as well as a surveillance cabin at the entrance.

As for the Lighthouse, that of Punta Frouxeira is the most extravagant of all those that exist on the Galician coast. It began to be built in 1990 and its operation began at Christmas of the year 92. It is around 30 meters high, and originally it was all glazed, but in 2008 it was almost completely walled up, leaving only one window at each height of the stairs. The lighthouse is fully automatic and remotely controlled, since the first day, so there has never been any “lighthouse keeper” in Punta Frouxeira.
  • The last coast of continental Europe

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