Carnival stands out as the most unconventional festival of the year, in which customs are relaxed, roles are reversed and everything is a laugh!

The Galician carnival, O Entroido (also called Antroido or Introido, among other names), is also a celebration of popular tradition, especially in the province of Ourense. It is still going strong today, although, certain rituals and peculiarities have been lost and others are being recovered.

Let the party begin!


We should not forget that Galicia was one of the few regions in Spain that continued to hold carnivals despite the ban. Today, Entroido is so important that eight Galician carnivals proudly hold the official rating of 'Festival of Tourist Interest'. Over 175 municipalities in Galicia have declared public holidays on Carnival Monday or Tuesday or on Ash Wednesday. It is a big celebration where everyone can get involved.

Yes, you can wear whatever fancy dress ! Here, the spirit of getting involved and the desire to have fun are what count the most. If you come without fancy dress, you run the risk of being hit with a whip; having flour or live ants thrown at you; or having to buy the next round of wine! It’s the law!

Another law strictly adhered to is that of gastronomic feasts. In Galicia, O Entroido always comes with good food. A feast of succulent dishes, perfect for refuelling, with pork as the main ingredient, and potatoes, turnip greens and chickpeas as accompaniments. For dessert, 'filloas', 'orellas', 'bica' are served; and to top it all off, a good coffee liqueur. The best in the world.

In Galicia there are nine carnivals that are recognised as being of tourist interest: