From Monforte to Chantada

Departing from Monforte, we will take the old N-120 road to Ferreira de Pantón, where we will visit the Monastery of the nuns of the order of Saint Bernard. Further to admiring the church of San Miguel de Eiré, just three kilometres away. We will drive on toward Escairón (O Saviñao) and take a detour to visit the church of San Martiño da Cova, located in a beautiful setting. From here we will continue toward Escairón and will take the Corredor Rápido toward Chantada. As we reach the River Miño, we need to look for directions to Belesar, a town that is well preserved and located at the bottom of the valley. From this point, we can board the catamaran and navigate to Chantada.

From Chantada to Monforte

Further to visiting and strolling around the old district of Chantada, we will return to Monforte through the same Corredor Rápido, and stop along the way to visit the Romanesque churches of Santo Estevo de Ribas de Miño and San Paio de Diomondi, very close to the bridge straddling the River Miño. We will have the change to enjoy the beautiful vistas over the first mountain of Diomondi. These are just a few of the many churches and monasteries that exist in these towns at the south of Lugo. To visit them, we need to take the detours -the indications are clear- that will take us away from the main road; however, returning to Monforte is easy.

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