Together with O Courel, A Ancares is the largest nature reserve in Galicia. It is also a Biosphere Reserve and the last redoubt of brown bears in Galicia.

A fascinating wilderness, inhabited since prehistoric times but isolated and inaccessible until very recently, Os Ancares in Lugo is formed by small valleys and villages wedged between peaks that reach 2,000 metres above sea level. For centuries, life here was lived in "pallozas", circular huts with thatched roofs where people and domestic animals lived together. Today a visit to the pallozas is a must; some have been turned into interesting ethnographic museum

Os Ancares is nature at its purest. Forests of oak, chestnut, beech, holly, hazelnut and birch trees. Meadows of heather and broom. Wild boar, deer, chamois, foxes, roe deer... And wolves.  

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