Departing from Ourense

We will depart from the capital city of the Burgas toward Os Peares along road N-120. Once in this town, we will take the service road of the hydroelectric plants, to the pier of Santo Estevo. From this point we will have the chance to enjoy a catamarán ride lasting about three hours (round trip) along the most spectacular sections of the Ribeira Sacra. We will enjoy spectacular views of the vertical walls and the massive thickets of local vegetation.

From Nogueira de Ramuín to Ourense

Upon returning to the pier, we will drive up the winding road to Luíntra. Just before reaching this village, which is the main town of Nogueira de Ramuín, we will take a detour of several hundred meters to visit the Monastery (which has been converted into a state-run hotel) of Santo Estevo de Ribas de Sil. We will return and take the main road that we were traveling on, up to Luíntra. From there, another road will take us to San Pedro de Rocas, a singular monastery in the town of Esgos. After visiting the monastery, we will drive on for a few kilometres up to the old Ourense to Ponferrada road (which is currently a regional road), which will take us back to our starting point.