O Courel is the great landscape of Galicia that looks inland. White in winter and a thousand greens in summer. A mountain landscape dotted with hidden villages that, because of their inaccessibility, have preserved the beauty of the authentic. It is the territory of the wolf, the wild boar, the Eurasian eagle-owl…

O Courel is also the great lung of Galicia, the green reserve. With soutos – chestnut plantations surroundings the villages. Or with the devesas – typical of O Courel and unique in Galicia – native forests that are located at the headwaters of the rivers with abundant oak, yew, holly, beech and birch trees. The most famous is A Devesa da Rogueira – one of the oldest forests in Galicia – with over 800 plant species and cut through by numerous springs. 

In O Courel, nature is splendid and imposing. As the poet Uxío Novoneyra – born in this land –  said, "Here how little a man is can be clearly felt".

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