Fervenzas de Galicia
~ Poema visual ~

Waterfalls of Galicia, visual poem

White foam bubbles up from heaving Galician “ferve a a auga”... and the waterfalls become “fervenzas”.

Although there is no scarcity of water in Galicia, it is considered a highly valuable resource. Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Cantabrian Sea to the north, Galicia is the gateway for waves of stormy weather fronts that bring abundant rains. Home to a terrain where the gentle coastline is peppered with steep mountain faces rising up to altitudes of more than two thousand metres, its rivers, streams, torrents and springs encounter frequent obstacles that they skirt or leap over, forming spectacular waterfalls.

Geological materials of varying hardness, the deep cracks caused by faults and the result of the relentless erosion that has shaped the riverbeds, form delightful landscapes dominated by the presence of water.

The abundance of waterfalls in Galicia is reflected in the seemingly endless number of words that exist in the Galician language to refer to this phenomenon: fervenzas, férvedas, fírvedas, freixas, fechas, ficheiras, chorreiras, cadoiros, saltos, cachóns, callóns, cachoeiras, abanqueiros, ruxidas, ruxidoiras, rexedoiras, cenzas, caeiras, pincheiras, seimeiras...

It is hard to determine the exact number of falls included in our natural heritage. Streams, torrents, brooks and tributaries twist and weave their way through Galicia, dropping sharply from hundreds of waterfalls.

This guide features a selection of the most outstanding of these falls, classified in thirteen groups in accordance with the characteristic that best defines them: their height, their powerful flow, the formation of plunge pools and slides...

The pages that follow are an invitation to dive into a sensorial poem of outstanding beauty, where the brief texts allow the photographs to speak for themselves.

Yet it is not just a question of the visual potential of these natural settings, but also of their sounds, the plays of light and shadow, the all-pervading damp and the flora that flourishes in these conditions. All this converts the waterfalls and torrents into magical places and an opportunity to feel a unique connection with nature.

A truly enchanting experience.

We want to thank Carlos Frade for his collaboration in the preparation of this inventory and the transfer of information collected in his blog
Tall and elegant
~ Tall and elegant ~
"He who sets his sights so high, shall remain lowly"
Water in abundance
~ Water in abundance ~
"When the river flows fast, it is for a reason"
Caídas verticales
~ Sheer falls ~
"He who aspires to rising the highest shall fall the fastest"
Pony tails
~ Pony tails ~
"AApril showers, worth a thousand horses"
La más gallega
~ The most Galician of all ~
"X: the twenty-fourth letter of the Galician alphabet"
Entre bosques
~ in the forest ~
"Dense oak groves, a sift for water"
Brooks and streams
~ Brooks and streams ~
"He who grinds flour with stone, has no need to buy land or vineyards"
Dancing waters
~ Dancing waters ~
"Drink, dance and be merry, for life is short"
Only the boldest
~ Only the boldest ~
"The boldest come from the many and the few"
Small, but practical
~ Small, but practical ~
"Wine from large vats and broth from small pans"
Plunge pools
~ Plunge pools ~
"The relentless beating of water will break the stone"
Slippery stones
~ Slippery stones ~
"Little by little, gently falling water will wear away the hardest stone"
Playful springs
~ Playful springs ~
"September will dry up the springs or wash away the bridges"
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