The estuary of O Barqueiro is one of Galicia's smallest and also one of the most beautiful. The furious coming together of the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea takes place in the cape of Estaca de Bares, the Iberian peninsula's northernmost point and an excellent bird watching location. Every year in autumn thousands of birds fly over this coast and over the island of  Coelleira, where the remains of an ancient Templar monastery becomes their secret refuge.

Next to the mouth of the river Sor, a salmon river, is the port of O Barqueiro with its white houses that spill over the slopes, like an amphitheatre overlooking the spectacular sea. Bares is a picturesque seaside town, with the added value of a massive dyke, believed to have been built by the Phoenicians.

To the east of the estuary is the sheltered port of O Vicedo, which turns into the splendid beach of Area Longa.

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