O Vicedo - Lugo

43º 42' 22.9" N - 7º 37' 02.9" W

The Walk

Punta Socastro 
Fuciño do porco

To do this route we can arrive with the car right at the starting point, where we will find an area set up as a car park. This is the starting point of the path along which we will have to walk for approximately 1.5 km. This is a path that runs mainly through pine and eucalyptus trees and leads directly to the wooden footbridges. 

The first part of the walk is not particularly attractive, but this will be more than compensated for later on, as from the last stretch of this path, we will have a foretaste of the spectacular views of the coastline of O Vicedo and the ría de Viveiro, which we can enjoy in all its splendour from punta Socastro, popularly known as Fuciño do Porco.

The final part runs along wooden walkways that zigzag up and down to the lighthouse-beacon that marks the entrance to the ría and the end of this walk. 

Although the route itself is not very difficult, we must bear in mind that the whole section that runs along the wooden walkways is somewhat more demanding, with numerous stairs. 

Note: During the high season, visits must be booked in advance. For more information contact the O Vicedo municipal council.


Length: 1.9 km (one way)
starting point: Parking at the beginning of the route 43°42'22.99"N / 7°37'2.92"W
End Point :
Punta Socastro 43°43'5.67"N / 7°36'24.90"W

Accessibility to consider

Slopes with stairs


Contemplating the sea
Initial pickup date: 01/01/2021