The Natural Park of Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés is populated with woodlands that live side-by-side with the granite landscape of the mountainside. Waterfalls and torrents tumble down the steep sides of this mountain, giving way to pools of clear water which you can bathe in when the weather is hot. Various milestones, a paved road and the ruins of some thermal baths are testament to the Roman settlement of these lands. The River Caldo invites us to relax in its thermal springs.

In the woods we can find the legendary cabaniñas or chivanas, small cabins that herdsmen used for shelter in times past, and it is possible to see golden eagles and vultures soaring on the air currents rising above the park. You may even see wolf tracks or surprise the evasive wildcat.

The National Park of Peneda-Gerês and the Natural Park of Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés come together in the mountain ranges that mark the border between Portugal and Galicia, and this meeting of borders further enriches this natural space in which cultural and linguistic diversity mingles with a variety of woodland, the murmur of torrents and rivers and the reflections in the calm reservoir waters to offer us a unique experience.

O Xurés Route
Starting pointRoute typeKmEstimated time requiredTerrain difficultyOrientation difficulty
Balneario Río Caldo (Lobios)Circular7,53 h 45 min.HighMedium-High
PROFILE: Experienced people who knowledge of map-reading and orientation

Although there are many routes that allow us to get to know every inch of the park, we propose a simple, very scenic route.

There are many reasons to come and stay in O Xures, a world suspended between the mountains of a border that unfolds into many views, journeys and experiences.

From the spa in Lobios, you will ascend alongside the River Caldo on the Roman road until you reach Corga da Fecha, a waterfall which it is worth “climbing” up. A steep and narrow path, the beautiful views make the effort more than worthwhile. During this walk you will pass various natural pools whose waters take on a spectacular colour - almost magical – which will hypnotize you until you end up relenting and getting in for a splash around.

Once you have passed the pools you will come to the top of the valley, from where you can contemplate evocative views over both the River Caldo and the highest peaks of the precipitous mountain range.

The descent from A Corga da Fecha follows the same path as the ascent. Once you reach the River Caldo again, look for the path that follows the course of the river until you return to the spa.


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