The Fraga de Catasós on the outskirts of the town of Lalín – halfway between Santiago and Ourense – conceal centuries-old oak and chestnut trees. How well they have been cared for so that they would bear fruit! In the past, the chestnut trees provided sustenance during the long winter months, and the wood of their stylized trunks was used to create the beams of the country estates of the county of Deza.

Protected by their status as a Natural Monument, they now grow proudly up towards the heavens, and are some of the tallest trees of their kind in Europe. A short walk through carpets of leaves will take us to the most intimate corners of this woodland, a small example of the deciduous woods that once covered a good part of the Galician countryside.

Fraga de Catasós Route
Starting pointRoute typeKmEstimated time requiredTerrain difficultyOrientation difficulty
Quintela (Lalín)Circular1,21 h.LowLow
PROFILE: All walkers

This route through the Fraga de Catasós is simple and well signposted. The various information panels will really enrich your visit, since they will provide you with more than enough information to understand the interest generated by these woods: they are of a modest size but are important in terms of the strength and beauty of their trees.

Make sure you take in the tall, slender oak and chestnut trees that populate these woods! This is a simple, short walk that also manages to be spectacular and educational: ideal for families.


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