In the Estuary of Corcubión, a wide inlet which opens to the south from Fisterra. From the lighthouse of Fisterra, by day you can feel the enormity of the ocean, and by night the light can be seen from a distance of 65 kilometres. Towards the south, the beach of Carnota, the infinite beach. A natural reserve that measure over 7 kilometres in length and is up to 1 kilometre wide at low tide, with fine golden sand.

In the Estuary of Corcubión it is as if the world had been created by giants.

Close by is the mount known as Monte Pindo, the Celt's sacred mountain. A peak that measures 627 metres on its sea ward side and is crowned by enormous rocks, which can be seen from kilometres away with human and animal shapes. At its feet, in Ézaro, the Xallas river spills directly into the sea in a 40 meter high waterfall that offers a unique spectacle in Europe.

In the village of Carnota is Galicia's largest, "hórreo" (granary) that is 35 metres long! This is the Corcubión estuary, a land of giants.

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