A unique mobile dune


The biggest dune of Galicia

Complexo dunar de Corrubedo e lagoas de Carregal e Vixán Natural Park

The immense and spectacular mobile dune, which overlooks A Ladeira beach, is the Reserve’s main attraction

The Nature Reserve extends over 1000 hectares of land in the borough of Ribeira. The immense and spectacular mobile dune, which overlooks A Ladeira beach, is the Reserve’s main attraction. In order to protect it, public access to the dune is forbidden.

Visitors can also discover the Arousa and Muros e Noia rías (coastal inlets). As well as the dunes, A Ladeira and O Vilar beaches are well worth visiting, as are the Vixán freshwater lake and the Carregal saltwater lake.

Other places we recommend visiting are the Pedra da Rá and Castro da Cidá vantage points and the megalithic dolmen in megalithic dolmen in Axeitos. 20 km north of the Reserve lies the Castro de Baroña, the best preserved hill fort settlement in Galicia.

Ribeira port is Spain’s most important inshore fishing port and we would recommend a visit to the fish market to watch an auction and  see the fish being unloaded when the boats return to port. In recent years, the town of Corrubedo has become an ideal place to relax and spend some time by the sea, surrounded by nature.


ACCESS: The most common way of reaching the Natural Park is via the A-9 motorway to Padrón, and then to take the AG-11 following the signs for the protected area. Another option is to take the AC-550 road between Ribeira and Noia.

Accessible Corrubedo

Accessible Corrubedo

The chance to explore the park is within everyone’s reach

The best way to discover the Park is on foot. There are several easy and totally accessible routes. From the Reception Centre, visitors can choose to follow the Camino da Praia (Beach Trail) or the Camino da Gandarela, (A Gandarela Trail), which leads to Carregal lake.

If you would like to see the Vixán lake, take the Camino del Agua (Water Trail) which starts at the beach car park; this trail is partially suitable for people with limited mobility.


  Difficulty Distance Time Type
Camiño do VentoLOW1,5 Km30 minLINEAR
Camiño do Río do MarLOW3,5 Km1,30 hLINEAR
Camiño da PraiaLOW1,5 Km45 minCIRCULAR
Camiño da GandarelaLOW6 Km2 hCIRCULAR
Camiño da AugaLOW2,5 Km2 hCIRCULAR

Corrubedo birding

Corrubedo birding

A bird-watcher’s paradise all year round

Corrubedo is an ornithological paradise well worth discovering. It is an important breeding ground and wintering area for migratory birds which can be visited all year round. The Park is host to coastal habitats such as beaches, rocky shores, marshland and dunes; and birds can also be seen inland in areas of woodland, farmland, pools and scrubland.

At the Vixán lake there is a bird observatory where beginners can take up bird-watching. The best time of year for this activity is between September and April. Having said this, in winter a large number of water birds use the lakes to rest and feed.

Ducks, cormorants, European golden plovers,  grey herons and swans are among the most notable species. Download the free Birding Galicia app and enjoy the three routes it suggests, two of which are by car and the third suitable for walking and cycling


Corrubedo from the air

Corrubedo from the air

Visit the vantage points for a great view of the dunes from above

Aguiño offers the vantage point known as Pedra da Rá, from where you enjoy the best view of the dunes as well as the mouth of the Arousa ría and the area’s different towns, such as A Pobra do Caramiñal, Corrubedo and its famous lighthourse, as well as Sálvora Island.

If we follow the dirt trail that lies to its right, we come to another vantage point called O Castro da Cidá, which is 210 m above sea level and is the remains of a hill fort settlement.

Another spectacular vantage point is to be found near A Pobra do Caramiñal, known as A Curota, rising 500 m above sea level.  After leaving the car, we have to climb a series of stone steps, but it is more than worth the effort, as the views of the Reserve, the Muros and Noia ría and the Arousa, Cíes and Sálvora Islands are absolutely spectacular.


Casa da Costa Visitor Reception Centre  Lugar do Vilar, Carreira
15960 Ribeira
T. 981 878 532

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Do not miss
Do not miss
A selection of four highly recommended visits that will not leave you indifferent and that embody the essence of Corrubedo Nature Reserve.
The dune
The dune

Walking across this extensive dune along the Camiño do Vento (Wind Trail) stirs up emotions that can only help us fully comprehend the environmental value and magnificence of this immense mountain of sand.

The lakes
The lakes

A visit to the lakes will help us understand the effects of the dune system that cut off the fresh water from Vixán lake and joined the salt water of Carregal lake to the sea.

Pedra da Rá
Pedra da  Rá

At the top of Monte Castro  (Aguiño),  take all the time you need to enjoy the view from the vantage point built from stone in the shape of a frog.

The Nature Reserve’s beaches
The Nature Reserve’s beaches

Walk along more than 5 km of the sandy beaches of A Ladeira and O Vilar. Have a swim in the Atlantic ocean.