Nature at its purest


Without a trace of human beings

O Invernadeiro Natural Park

Visit these mountains to learn about the wolves who live here and their main prey, roe deer and boar

Embedded in the Galicia’s Central Massif, in the province of Ourense, O Invernadeiro is a 6000 hectare nature reserve with no human settlements at present, although numerous examples of ethnographic and industrial heritage are a testimony to the  people who lived here in the past.

The succession of deep valleys and rounded peaks is a result of ages past which gave rise to a surprising glacial cirque and spectacular waterfalls which can be seen from high up on the ravines.

Two rivers shape this territory in the main: Ribeira Grande and Ribeira Pequena, into which numerous water courses flow before joining the River Camba and ending up in the River Sil.

ACCESS: The Natural Park receives maximum protection and admits a maximum of 30 visitors per day, who will need an administrative permit in order to visit. The Park can be reached via the OU-114 from Verín, turning off on a forest track which leads to the entrance.

Discovering wildlife

O Invernadeiro Natural Park

Interpreting wildlife has never been more accessible

O Invernadeiro is one of the best nature classrooms in Galicia. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Ribeira Grande’s Interpretation Centre.

Ribeira Pequena features the Ruta dos Cercados (Enclosures), taking us close to the natural habitats of deer, mountain goats, fallow deer, chamois and mouflon. These installations facilitate the control of the animal populations and make sightings one of the most rewarding experiences visitors can have.

If you are lucky, you might see one of the families of wolves that live here. And if you bring your binoculars, you might also see eagles, falcons and vultures.


Hiking along the O Invernadeiro

Hiking along the O Invernadeiro

Discover the pleasure of losing yourself all the while knowing

Getting to know O Invernadeiro is as close as you can come to feeling cut off from the world around you. Any of the recommended routes is transformed into a magical experience when you come across the fauna that inhabits the Park. Given its important botanic, faunistic and geomorphologic interest, we recommend taking a guide with you.

The Ruta de Aceveda (Aceveda Route) offers spectacular views of the Ribeira Pequena valley and passes through several holly forests. The Ruta da Auga (Water Route) and the Ruta das Troitas (Trout Route) can be combined with the Ribeira Grande Nature Classroom as a starting point.

  Dificultade Distancia Tempo Tipoloxía
Ruta do Valdeirexa ou dos CercadosMEDIUM/ HIGH3 Km2 hCIRCULAR
Ruta das Troitas  LOW3,5 Km2 hCIRCULAR
Ruta da OrtigaHIGH22 Km7 hCIRCULAR
Ruta da Corga ou do DepósitoHIGH2 Km1,30 hCIRCULAR
Ruta da AugaLOW4 Km2 hCIRCULAR
Ruta da AcevedaMEDIUM8 Km3,30 hCIRCULAR

O Invernadeiro Natural Park Reception Centre Ribeira Pequena, s/n.
32547 Vilariño de Conso
Prior contact:
T. 988 386 376 - 988 386 029

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Portas de Galicia MTB Centre

Centro BTT Portas de Galicia

Discover the pleasure of losing yourself all the while knowing

There is a MTB Centre in the Park, with 12 routes totalling 244 km which pass through the boroughs of A Gudiña, A Mezquita, Riós, Viana do Bolo and Vilariño de Conso.

There is the option of doing one long route in stages from Riós to Viana do Bolo. For those looking for an easier option, we would recommend the Encoro do Vao Route in Vilariño de Conso and the As Telleiras Route in Viana do Bolo. Bikes and helmets can be rented at the Reception Points, which offer bike-washing services and showers free of charge.

ROUTES Distancia
R1. Ruta das Carballerias 13 Km
R2. Ruta de Valmedo 21 Km
R3. Conexión Riós-Barxa 28,7 Km
R4. Ruta de Pena Maseira 44 Km
R5. Ruta dos Tres Reinos 23,3 Km
R6. Ruta Os Castros 22,4 Km
R7. Conexión A Gudiña-Entrecinsa 19,3 Km
R8. Ruta do Val do Río Conso 18,9 Km
R9. Ruta do Encoro do Vao 7,8 Km
R10. Conexión Vilariño de Conso-Viana do Bolo 16 Km
R11. Ruta As Telleiras 12 Km
R12. Ruta A Escrita 17,8 Km

Casa da Viúva Beato Sebastián de Aparicio, 40
32540 A Gudiña
T. 988 594 003 • 696 820 722

Casa da Cultura Ferradal s/n. 32550
Viana do Bolo
T. 988 329 168 • 638 847 602

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Do not miss
Do not miss
A selection of four highly recommended visits that will not leave you indifferent and that embody the essence of O Invernadeiro Natural Park
Fauna and flora
Fauna and flora

Do not miss the opportunity to visit one of Galicia’s fauna sanctuaries and one of its most important botanic reserves


Ribeira Grande river
Ribeira Grande river

Choose the Senda da Agua or As Troitas routes to discover the Ribeira Grande river’s spectacular fluvial ecosystem.

Nature classroom
Nature classroom

If you are a nature lover, you cannot miss out on a visit to the Park’s nature classroom with its permanent exhibition space.

Papelera Española canteen
Papelera Española canteen

Reconverted into a small museum which commemorates the time when more than 400 local inhabitants worked in the paper industry.

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