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The last Atlantic Forest
Fragas do Eume

Come and visit one of Europe’s best preserved Atlantic coastal forests.

It extends over 9000 hectares, yet is home to just 500 people, which gives an idea of the virgin state of the woodland that follows the course of the River Eume. The Park is triangular in shape and it is bordered by the towns of As Pontes de García Rodríguez, Pontedeume and Monfero.

The 100 km long River Eume carves out a deep canyon from the steep slopes covered in a spectacular blanket of vegetation. Oak and chestnut are abundant and accompanied by other varieties such as birch, alder, ash, yew, hazel, wild fruit, laurel, holly and strawberry trees. Its humid, shady riverbanks are home to a collection of more than 20 fern and 200 lichen species.

A simple stroll will turn into a true exploration of this magical forest.  

ACCESS: The most common way of reaching the Park is from the town of Pontedeume, taking the AC-114 or the DP-6902 road, both in the direction of Caaveiro monastery. Car access to the Fragas do Eume Natural Park is restricted, and parking in the proximity of the monastery is recommended.

From Caaveiro to Monfero

Monastery of San Xoán de Caaveiro

A journey through more than 1000 years of history visiting the River Eume’s monasteries

From Pontedeume, following the river along the Ombre fishing reserve, it is a 15-minute walk to the San Xoán de Caaveiro Benedictine monastery.

Entrance is free and includes a guided tour. We recommend calling beforehand as opening times vary throughout the year. In the summer season, vehicle access is restricted, although there is an organised transport service that will take you close to the monastery. 

Monfer's monastery, in San Fiz parish and of Romanesque origin, hides a magnificent Baroque church with a chequered slate tile façade.

Both buildings bear witness to the repercussions of the discovery of the Apostle St. James’ tomb, which brought the main monastic orders to the region, leaving their mark on monasteries, churches and other religious buildings.

Hiking along the Eume
Parque natural Fragas do Eume

Discover the pleasure of losing yourself all the while knowing exactly where you are going

The best way to discover the Park is by walking along any one of a number of trails, which make up 8 routes with 60 kilometres of signposted trails.

Os Encomendeiros route takes us to the Cal Grande and Fornelos hanging bridges, as well as to Caaveiro and the Santa Cristina medieval bridge.

If you would like to enjoy one of the best views of the Fragas do Eume, we recommend following the Os Cerqueiros route, where you can take in the view from A Carboeira vantage point.

  Dificultade Distancia Tempo Tipoloxía
Camiño dos EncomendeirosLOW5,5 Km2 hLINEAR
Camiño da Ventureira   LOW6 Km1,45 hCIRCULAR
Camiño Cumios de SanguiñedoLOW8,5 Km1 hLINEAR
Camiño dos CerqueirosLOW8,5 Km3 hCIRCULAR
Camiño de Pena FesaLOW10 Km1,15 hCIRCULAR
Camiño da Pasada VellaLOW4,5 Km1,30 hCIRCULAR
Camiño de FontardiónMEDIUM / HIGH15 Km3 hLINEAR
Camiño dos CorzosMEDIUM3 Km1 hLINEAR
Sailing throught Fragas (Atlantic Forest)
Embark on the adventure of kayaking

Embark on the adventure of kayaking through the heart of one of Galicia’s largest climax forests

You can discover the Park from a different perspective by kayaking the 10 kilometres of the River Frei Bermuz to its confluence with the Eume. The Eume’s tranquil waters and the current makes the trip easier and you can make short stops to take in the scenery.

You can bring your own equipment or ask for information about rentals at the Visitor Centre. This experience is suitable for all ages and ideal for a family day out.


Centro de Interpretación das Fragas do Eume Lugar de Andarúbel. Estrada de Ombre a Caaveiro, km 5.
15600 Pontedeume.
T. 981 432 528

Centro de Visitantes de Monfero Estrada DP-5003 s/n.
15619 Monfero.
T. 881 063 992

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Do not miss
Do not miss
A selection of four highly recommended visits that will not leave you indifferent and that embody the essence of Fragas do Eume Natural Park

The Fragas do Eume are home to 28 species of fern, some of them endangered species. Fern is a typical tropical forest plant which you will come across as you go deeper into the forest.

A Carboeira vantage point
A Carboeira vantage point

The best place from which to take in the meanderings of the River Eume and the Xestoso Valley. You can find it along the Os Cerqueiros route, which starts at Monfero in A Portela de Montelongo.

Hanging bridges
Hanging bridges

The Cal Grande and O Fornelo are eye-catching hanging metallic structures that allow us to cross the Eume and experience the feeling of floating on water.


A visit to Caaveiro involves going deeper into the heart of Eume. A romantic ensemble of perfectly-restored monastic buildings. Monfero’s spectacular Baroque church pleasantly surprises.

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