Mediterranean landscape in Galicia

A Galician landscape exception
Serra da Enciña da Lastra Natural Park

Its name corresponds to a huge holm oak which, it would appear, served as a reference point for travellers

You will be surprised by its Mediterranean climate and chalky soils. The waters of the River Sil have shaped interesting landscapes and elements as a result of erosion, among which feature the “palas” or caves which make up Galicia’s largest cave network. Not only are these caves of interest to speleologists, but historians have also discovered archaeological remains from different civilisations; the Bronze, Roman and Middle Ages.

One of the Park’s natural resources, intensively exploited economically, was the calcareous stone from which quicklime was extracted for use in construction as a base for mortar to whitewash buildings.

We would highly recommend visiting Covas and Biobra, where the Visitor Centre is located.

ACCESS: The most common way of reaching the Natural Park is via the N-120 road between Ponferrada and Ourense, which runs through the Park from north to south, passing through boroughs such as Covas or Biobra.

Enciña da Lastra Birding

Galicia Birding

Look to the sky and discover how valuable it is by identifying the different bird species that live here

Would you like to become an ornithology expert?

The canyons and fluvial ravines make the Park an interesting place of refuge for various species, among which feature birds of prey such as the Egyptian vulture, the golden eagle and the peregrine falcon, uncommon in the north-western Iberian peninsula. Experts have confirmed that this area is home to the largest concentration of nesting birds in Galicia, as well as important communities of bats in the numerous caves here.

Download the free “Birding Galicia” app on your phone and enjoy the four routes we suggest in this Nature Reserve. Two are for driving and the other two for walking, and all four will provide an introduction to the world of ornithology.


Hiking in Enciña da Lastra

Hiking in Enciña da Lastra

Discover the pleasure of losing yourself all the while knowing exactly where you are going

The Val do Sil Route, between Vilardesilva and Covas, runs alongside the right-hand side of the river towards the fluvial canyon, allowing us to discover the incredible gorges which serve as natural dams and a perfect place for birds of prey to hunt.

The northern slopes of Penedos de Oulego represent one of the best views in the Park, to be enjoyed as you walk along the Tras os Penedos Route, which starts at the Caprada rest area and enters the dense forest leading you to the base of the rocky hills.

  Difficulty Distance Time Type
Ruta Val do SilLOW/ MEDIUM5 Km1,30 hLINEAR
Ruta Tras os PenedosLOW1,5 Km25 minCIRCULAR
Ruta Soutos Baixo Pena FalcueiraMEDIUM / ALTA3,9 Km1,45 hCIRCULAR
Ruta do “Caleiro“MEDIUM/ ALTA6 Km3 hLINEAR
Ruta do Real de OulegoMEDIUM4 Km2,30 hLINEAR
Ruta da Vía RomanaMEDIUM8,6 Km3,30 hCIRCULAR
Ruta da Ermida de Santo EstevoMEDIUM6 Km3 hCIRCULAR
Ruta das GalegasMEDIUM6,8 Km3 hLINEAR
Ruta das Dúas VertentesMEDIUM4 Km1,30 hCIRCULAR
Ruta Baixo de PáramoMEDIUM4 Km2 hCIRCULAR



Discovering orchids

Serra da Enciña da Lastra Natural Park

In spring, learn to recognise the different species that bloom throughout the Park

The Mediterranean climate and soil conditions are the reasons behind one of the largest communities of orchids in Galicia that you can enjoy on your visit.

In the company of an expert guide, we would like to invite you to enjoy the orchids in bloom by following an interpretative route and learn how to identify more than 25 species.

We recommend visiting in spring and summer to appreciate their beautiful small flowers. Among the different species and most easily recognisable is the ophrys; This little flower simulates the body of a female bee. The exquisite beauty of these flowers, renowned in the ornamental world yet practically unheard of in forest communities, will take you completely by surprise.


Office-Serra da Enciña da Lastra Natural Park Visitor Centre Praza dos Bolos s/n
32004 Rubiá.
Prior contact:
T. 988 386 376 · 988 386 029

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Do not miss
Do not miss
A selection of four highly recommended visits that will not leave you indifferent and that embody the essence of the Serra da Enciña da Lastra Natural Park
The 9 vantage points
The 9 vantage points

The easiest way to admire the Park’s scenery. We especially recommend the vantage points at Caprada  in  Oulego, Alto da Escrita in Biobra, Tanque de Covas and A Portela in Vilardesilva.

The orchid
The orchid

The highest concentration of this plant in Galicia. 25 different species that you can learn about by employing the services of a guide or signing up for one of the visits that are organised periodically free of charge.

Unique tree
Unique tree

Don’t miss seeing the magnificent holm oak, with Unique Tree status, to be found near the cemetery in Covas.

Ethnographic heritage
Ethnographic heritage

Visit the villages that lie within the boundaries or on the edge of the Park to discover their ethnographic heritage: communal ovens, mills, apiaries, fountains and washing places, dovecotes and traditional houses.

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