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Terras de Santiago


Terras de Santiago

These are lands with a great artistic and architectural heritage. Such as the monastery of Sobrado dos Monxes...

Santiago de Compostela


Santiago de Compostela

World Heritage Site since 1985...

The Way of St James

Wine-drinking along the Vía da Prata

For a whole week we will enjoy a fascinating landscape that is decorated with medieval bridges, churches, monasteries, fortresses and pazos (stone manor houses). We will cross wine-growing lands, we will visit the region’s wineries and taste wines and we will relax at one of its spas.


  • Starting point: Verín
  • Destination: Santiago de Compostela
  • Days: 7
Stone manor houses, towers and fortresses, monasteries and churches are there to greet us, together with wine cellars with up to three of the five wine denominations of origin that exist in Galicia. We will discover and enjoy the excellent local wines that they produce.

This specific pilgrimage combines the captivating Galician landscapes of the Vía da Prata with the wealth of the wine lands it crosses.

More information...
-Parador de Verín. Teléfono: 988 410 075
-Balneario de Laias (Cenlle). Teléfono: 988 280 409
-Monasterio de Oseira (San Cristovo de Cea). www.mosteirodeoseira.org
-Pan de Cea. www.pandecea.org
-Colegiata de Sar (Santiago). www.colegiatadesar.com

Route - Day 1

The Way starts in Verín, a town reigned by the castle of Monterrei



We recommend arriving in Verín in the afternoon. This is a villa of legendary entroidos (carnivals) in the valley of the River Támega and in the district’s capital. It is one of the main towns in the province of Ourense, close to Portugal, located on one of the turnoffs along the Southeast Way-Vía da Prata. The villa offers a wide range of accommodation, boasting the Parador, at the foot of the medieval fortress of Monterrei, Both are signposted on the N-525, the road that brings us to the town and that can also be accessed from the A-52.

After settling in at our chosen accommodation we can visit this acropolis, Galicia’s largest according to many authors and that for 800 years has watched over the frontier with neighbouring Portugal and dominates the valley. From the Parador we can go uphill by foot, which is the best way of observing the triple wall and all the buildings of the imposing fortress, built between the 12th and 17th centuries.

In the parade ground we find the so-called “green well”, surrounded by legends of infidelities and suicides, such as that of the wife of Peter the Cruel. Do not miss the opportunity to climb up the Homage Tower, an impressive 22-metre high stone structure, offering a view of several kilometres of landscape dotted with vineyards, orchards, small villages and Verín at its feet.

For dinner, octopus á feira style, cod or androlla (sausage)

At the end of the itinerary, we come down from the villa. If you love heraldry you will be impressed by the coat of arms that decorates the facade of the house Casa do Asistente, next to the bridge that crosses the river Támega. At dinner time we recommend its famous octopus á feira style, the cod or the delicacies resulting from the slaughter of the pig, such as the androlla − a sausage typical from the area. We can accompany the meal with wine from the Denomination of Origin Monterrei.

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