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Rías Baixas


Rías Baixas

Paradise could be here. From Monte Louro in Muros to the mouth of the River Miño...

Atlantic Islands National Park

Atlantic Islands National Park

You can find the best beach in the world. And it's not because we say so ourselves, but The Guardian newspaper...

Strolling Through Vineyards

The roots of Albariño wine

In the heart of O Salnés, we’ll enjoy outdoor activities, find peace in its monasteries and tour its most important vineyards and wineries.


  • Starting point: Meaño
  • Destination: Meaño
  • Days: 3
We propose a wine tourism getaway to the heart of O Salnés, home to the roots of Albariño wine, to stroll among grapevines at the feet of stately wineries, both cuttingedge and of rustic beauty.

There are many possibilities offered to us by this subzone of the Rías Baixas Designation of Origin, with numerous companies dedicated to winemaking hidden away in old towns like Cambados or among the gentle hillsides that slowly descend to the Atlantic. We’ll take advantage of the sea-tinged atmosphere of the estuary and the leaf-filled nature of the valley to arrange some activities outdoors.

More information...
-Mar de Frades winery. www.mardefrades.es
-Agro de Bazán winery . www.agrodebazan.com
-Pazo de Zárate winery. www.bodegas-zarate.com

Route - Day 1

Hiking trail and dinner in an old mill


  • Mill


  • O Salnés vineyard

    O Salnés vineyard

We choose the municipality of Meaño as the departure point for our wine tourism experience because of its beautiful scenery and central position on the peninsula of O Salnés, where the Albariño grape extends its domain.

Among the accommodation offered is a boutique country hotel with excellent service, which we’ll reach in the afternoon. We’ll have time to arrange a first exploratory activity of these lands which concentrate the greatest surface area of vineyards with the Rías Baixas Designation of Origin.

We propose travelling a section of the nearby River Chanca Mills hiking trail, in particular the one that runs between the parishes of Lores and Simes. You’ll enjoy a leaf-filled nature, stop to listen to the sound of the small waterfalls and eddies among the rounded stones and watch how the current gently rocks the water’s plant life

Restored mills, more than 200 years old

We’ll start off at the bridge over the River Chanca near Lores parish church. Ahead lie six kilometres of nearly flat land. The route is well-signed, provided with explanatory panels, wooden bridges and walkways and has lighting. We’ll find many restored mills, such those of A Ponte, Igrexa, Daniel O Ferreiro, Entremuíños, Quintáns, Marcial de Barbeito and Couso. Some are over 200 years old.

Approaching Simes, on the second section and passing the road, we see that the forest gives way to open fields and Albariño grapes being cultivated. We suggest that – if time permits – you ask staff at the country hotel to prepare you a picnic with local products and Albariño wine so that you can take advantage of the wonderful recreational areas along this route. Another very recommendable alternative is, once the hike is over, to dine in one of the old mills along the route, restored and converted into a boutique restaurant. Its cuisine is known for its grilled meats.



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