Festa da troita

During this festival the International Fishing Contest is held.
Fair/Popular festival

Since 1967, at the initiative of a group of local fishermen, Ponte Caldelas celebrating the affluence of trout in the Verdugo River and has organized a popular gastronomic festival, praised by writers and personalities from Galician social and cultural spheres, and an International Fishing Contest popular among its fans. All the fishing societies of Galicia are invited to participate in the competition that takes place on the river walk between the river beach of A Calzada and the town and is followed on site with curiosity and admiration by the public. The food tasting takes place in the Alameda park, on Saturday afternoon, after the fishing contest. Although since 1993 river trout cannot be sold, except by fish farms, the fish has not lost its recognition. Along with the trout, you can also taste many other regional specialities, such as kid and game (partridge and rabbit). The innkeepers of the town are in charge of preparing them, in different ways, while people look on. On Sunday morning, the trophies for the fishing competition are awarded in the presence of authorities and numerous fans, and the Alameda is once again filled with the media and the public. Later, a banquet takes place in what was the old spa of Ponte Caldelas, at a beautiful spot next to the river.

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