Estuary "Ría de Ribadeo"

The coat of arms of Ribadeo reminds us that here is where the key that opens the door to Galicia is kept. A gold key found in the seat. Between Galicia and Asturias, the Ribadeo estuary is a narrow inlet that measures approximately 10 kilometers, sprinkled here and there with sailboats that yacht at the mouth of the Eo river.

The estuary belongs to the Biosphere Reserve. In its wetlands there is an abundance of crab, salmon, trout… and on its shores, bordered by pines, eucalyptus and laurel trees, flocks of ducks, coots and herons seek shelter in winter and seem to be at home here, near the colourful houses of the "Indianos" (in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Spaniards from the north who returned from the Americas after making their fortune), scattered along the estuary.

Ribadeo, a city with majestic buildings, that in its streets, shops and restaurants still preserves the refined vestiges of a former time era when it was the Cantabrian Sea's main port.

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