Estuary "Ría de Vigo"

Sheltered from the ocean by the Cíes islands, Vigo's estuary opens to the north at cape Home and to the south at cape Silleiro. This is an estuary of treasures, because here, in the marvellous inlet of San Simón, there are dozens of sunken galleons loaded with gold form the Americas. Also, the estuary is home to some of Galicia's best beaches: Barra and Nerga in Cangas, Samil and O Vao in Vigo, Playa América in Nigrán... And the one that by many is considered to be the best beach in the world: the Rodas beach in the Cíes islands.

In Vigo you must not miss the night life and by day, the views from O Castro. And of course, you have to taste the oysters in A Pedra. Then, crossing the estuary by ferry is a must, to visit Cangas and Moaña, villages with authentic seaside atmosphere. Or the majestic Baiona, from where the discovery of America was announced to the world. Or Redondela, famous for its festivities… and its "empanada de chocos" (typical pie filled with cuttlefish).

As it is Spain's most important fishing port, in Vigo the food is fabulous.

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