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Source: Cultura de Galicia

Fair/Popular festival
30 May / 31 May
Ponte Caldelas
During this festival the International Fishing Contest is held.
Fair/Popular festival
03 Jun / 06 Jun
Vila de Cruces
This festival is part of the European Network of Gastronomic Heritage that promotes local products and traditional cuisine.
Fair/Popular festival
05 Jun
Party of Tourist Interest.
Fair/Popular festival
09 Jun / 12 Jun
Retroceder In the time to enjoy of the our cultural and historical legacy in first person.
Fair/Popular festival
10 Jun / 18 Jun
The main event of this festival is the ox races
Fair/Popular festival
10 Jun / 12 Jun
Festival of Tourist Interest
Fair/Popular festival
11 Jun
Groups and soloists from all over the bagpipe scene participate in this festival.
Fair/Popular festival
23 Jun
On the eve of the celebration, floral rugs are being made
Fair/Popular festival
25 Jun
Carpets incorporate marine materials, such as cockle or scallop shells
Fair/Popular festival
01 Jul
A long the day will celebrate careers of horses in different categories
Fair/Popular festival
01 Jul / 04 Jul
A Estrada
It treats of a tradition ancestral with a strong ritual component
Fair/Popular festival
03 Jul
A Laracha
Concerts, cultural activities and exhibitions are some of the events that accompany the traditional Cherry Festival
Fair/Popular festival
05 Jul
San Cristovo de Cea
Workshops, sales and other activities around this product
Fair/Popular festival
08 Jul / 10 Jul
Music, theater and different performances will take place during these three days of the Fair
Fair/Popular festival
11 Jul
The event that marks the start of summer festivities in Pontevedra.
Fair/Popular festival
14 Jul / 16 Jul
O Rosal
The Sunday put morning celebrates a career of 10 km poles viñedos of one or of two of the cellars participants in the Fair
Fair/Popular festival
17 Jul
The Vigo Poetic Pyro-Musical Festival- Vila de Bouzas is celebrated
Fair/Popular festival
23 Jul
The hake fish can be prepared with succulent recipes such as the special Penalba
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