Magical Shrines

This is an open invitation to purify your soul, to take you away from everyday life and lead you into a world full of mystery, but above all of peace.

Imagine a land where the waters of its fountains are miraculous, where young girls allow themselves to be washed by sea waves to become fertile, where rocks have the power to heal, where each day the sun rises and sets in its own sea… Imagine a land where, since its earliest origins, its inhabitants perceived something magic and special, where the scent of healing plants and incense come together in a different aura. If you are able to imagine all this, you are able to visit the Magical Sanctuaries of Galicia: temples located in unique settings, where unusual religious rites mix with the most ancient pagan legends.

Visit the temples and make three wishes on the Route of Santo André de Teixido and other sanctuaries located in the North of Galicia, visit the holiest places of the Costa da Morte, travel the same waters where the body of the Apostle arrived in Galicia… Discover truly magical places both because of their privileged location as because of the rites that surround them. 

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