On the Way of St. James



O Saviñao | Pantón

42º 37' 05.1" N - 7º 42' 23.5" W


This is one of the most demanding short-distance footpaths in Galicia, with a length of 37 km and continuous ups and downs. It is one of the best trails in the country, designed to be completed comfortably in two or more stages, as it requires some 12 hours of walking time.

The route will allow you to fully experience the Ribeira Sacra region, following the course of the Miño River from Santo Estevo de  Ribas de Miño (O Saviñao) to Cima de Atán (Pantón). You will see scenery that will take your breath away, solitary villages such as
Bexán, A Pena, Millarada and Marce, surrounded by the vineyards of the Ribeira Sacra Designation of Origin and groves of ancient
chestnuts. Romanesque churches – Santo Estevo de Ribas de Miño, San Paio de Diomondi and San Martiño da Cova – together with chapels and pre-Roman fortified settlements, fill this route with history and art.

This is just a sampling of why the area is being considered as a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The route is one-way, with continuous climbs and descents to the Miño River. You will walk along Roman roads marked by ruts for cartwheels, including the route from Diomondi to Belesar, which later continued on to Santiago de Compostela. There are also
narrow paths between vineyards filled with details created over time by extreme viticulture. The diverse variety of colours offer visual delights, especially in autumn, and the region’s pleasant temperatures make this an ideal trail for the cooler months.

In short, this is a complete experience to enjoy one of the most beautiful parts of Galicia.


Take LU-533 from Chantada in the direction of Monforte de Lemos. After crossing the Belesar Viaduct, take the turn-off for Santo Estevo de Ribas de Miño Church.

The Ways of St. James

The Winter Camino


37,6 km.

Point of Departure / Arrival

Point of arrival: Cima de Atán (Concello de Pantón) - UTM 29T X:607324 Y:4706678
Starting point: Santo Estevo de Ribas de Miño Church (Concello do Saviñao) - UTM 29T X:606078 Y:4719217


Santo Estevo de Ribas de Miño Church, Lugar de Galegos, San Paio de Diomondi Church, Belesar, Lugar de Bexán, Lugar da Reguenga, Lugar de Soane, San Martiño da Cova Church, Santo André de Ribeiras de Miño Church, Maiorga Recreation Area, Lugar da Míllara, Lugar de Marce, Auga Caída Waterfall, Lugar de Cabo de Vila, Lugar de Reiriz, Santo Estevo de Atán Church, Cima de Atán.


Very difficult


12 hours.


Hicking boots with non-slip soles.


In Escairón and O Castro de Ferreira.


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Bicycle access

Not suitable

Horse access

Not suitable

cartography I.G.N. (1:25:000)

155- I Chantada, 155-III A Barrela y 155-IV O Castro de Ferreira.

Further information

Concello do Saviñao
Tel.: 982 452 061

Asociación Veciñal do Saviñao

Concello de Pantón
Tel.: 982 456 005

Segatur (Sendeiros de Galicia para o Turismo Rural S.L.)
Tel. 654 165 730 / 886 117 011

Kind of route

Small travel


Historic interest
Natural interest
Scenic interest
Traditional architecture


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