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A Coruña

Brión | Negreira | Noia | Outes | Porto do Son

42º 49' 01.4" N - 8º 53' 29.1" W


Noah’s Ark with the dove carrying an olive sprig in its beak on Noia’s municipal coat of arms, represents its legendary foundation. It is the head of an estuary where numerous smaller rivers join the Tambre, including the Traba, which crosses under the Noia bridge. They all form a complex estuary system, hardly navigable at high tide, where country landscapes coexist with seascapes. Three quarters of the protected space belong to this sea-land habitat, to the port of O Freixo (Outes) on one side and the beach of Boa Grande on the other.
The mouth of the Tambre can be contemplated by taking the turnoff on the old road at the Nafonso bridge, which has twenty arches, one for every year it took to build it in the 14th century, and the last one half twisted according to the popular saying. The village, set amidst bulrushes surrounded by tree-covered hills, transmits the serenity of the landscape. There are many walks and lookout points, such as that of Monte Tremuzo (514 m).
The Tambre river is worthy of a visit. Its last three kilometres run through a steep gorge with a granite rock face between Lueiro (Negreira) and Cornada- A Graña (Brión). A good departure point is the historic building of the Tambre I hydroelectric power station, designed by the Galician architect Antonio Palacios. From its recreation area and the suspension bridge, with views of the old lamprey pesqueiras (stone walls built for lamprey fishing), a path leads through small woods of indigenous trees to the Devesa de Nimo.


For the le bank take the turnoff towards A Graña-Cornada on the AC-543 Sanago de  Compostela- Noia road. For the right bank, by Ponte Nafonso towards Negreira.

The Ways of St. James

The Fistera-Muxía Camino


Downstream and at the mouth of the river Tambre on the Ría de Muros and Noia. Municipalities of Brión, Negreira, Noia, Outes and Porto do Son (A Coruña).


1.582,61 hectares


Accommodation: Yes.
Food: Yes.
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