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Dates of celebration: 20/01 - 20/01


Parish: Aldán (San Cibrán)

Cangas - Pontevedra

42º 16' 46.0" N - 8º 48' 56.9" W


The Danzas Ancestrais in Cangas include the dances of San Cibrán de Aldán, San Roque do Hío and the dance and contradanza of Darbo. These three are particularly original among the many that are present in the Morrazo region.

Coinciding with the festival of San Sebastián, the parish of Aldán travels back in time to host a show featuring  its most ancient folklore, a dance that dates back to, at least, the year1650. Ten galáns , five damas and a guide wait in the atrium of the church  for the procession of the Saint to begin. When the Saint  makes his appearance, they bow to him and dance at the head of the procession, never turning their backs on him. At the end of its route, and before the Saint enters the church again, they  dance once more in his honour.
The appeal of this dance lies both in its centuries-old choreography and in the   traditional clothing worn by the dancers, which is very unusual in Galician folklore. The men are dressed in black suits, felt hats and black shoes, and the women in white dresses, Manila shawls, black aprons, and different coloured cloths on their shoulders. The most eye-catching partof their clothing is their spectacular hats, adorned with different types of flowers, from which hang coloured ribbons,  a symbol of fertility.
Whilst the dancers are waiting in the atrium of the church, it is the ideal moment to approach them and admire the originality of their costumes and the damas' hats. 

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