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Valdoviño - A Coruña

43º 36' 28.7" N - 8º 09' 26.1" W


The dunes and the lake at Valdoviño form an environmental ensemble that has been declared a Generally Protected Natural Area. The beach, also known as A Frouxeira, extends for a length of about 3 km and is frequently barraged by strong winds and fierce waves, although the dunes afford it some protection. It borders, on one side, with a lake of great environmental importance, and on the other with the cliffs. Scientists have measured large concentrations of iodine in this latter area, a circumstance that helps bathers to get a suntan.
The vegetation of the adjacent lake is comprised of that typically found in these types of habitats. Furthermore, especially during the winter months, it is home to a number of different species of birds, particularly the mallard, the stilt sandpiper, and the Eurasian coot.
Apart from the aforementioned dunes, Valdoviño has a wide variety of beaches of different types. Some are open to the winds and the waves of the Atlantic. Others, in contrast, are more sheltered and have tranquil waters. All of them, however, have in common their fine, white sand. Amongst all of these, Pantín beach, with its close to one kilometre in length and its strong waves, is a benchmark for surfers all over the world. The quality of the waves has made it the venue for top level international competitions, such as the Pantín Classic. Vilarrube beach, another of the most outstanding, measures almost 1.5 km and, thanks to its tranquil waters, is ideal for bathing.

Animal features

Common dunlin
Common Teal
Grey Heron
Grey Plover
Kentish Plover
Ringed Plover
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