Recreation areas and viewpoints


15970  Porto do Son - A Coruña

42º 42' 13.1" N - 8º 59' 01.0" W


Uninterrupted views from Cape Fisterra to Ribeira and a stunning view of the Muros and Noia estuary can be enjoyed from the top of the 539-metre Monte Enxa.

In a forested region of the coastal mountains of Porto do Son, Monte Enxa is a mountain located right next to the sea. This makes it the perfect spot to appreciate panoramic views of the northern end of the O Barbanza range where it meets the coastal edge of the Muros and Noia estuary.

Looking north-west from the peak, the granite rock of the lovely Monte Louro seems to plunge straight into the Atlantic, from the wild open sea to the calmer waters within the estuary.
Last update: 15/01/2018