Festa da empanada de Bandeira

It celebrates a gastronomic contest in which choose the best pie
Fair/Popular festival

The Carballeira das Silvas de Bandeira (Silleda) is already known as that of the Empanadas, as since 1974 it has celebrated, on the third Saturday of August, the festival of the Galician empanada, one of the most representative dishes of Galician cuisine, which since ancient times was served in monasteries and inns to pilgrims who passed through these lands to Compostela.

Restaurants and housewives compete with their own recipes for the best empanada in a gastronomic competition presided over by an expert jury. Afterwards, the winning empanadas are tendered among the public for group consumption. The bids of the "peñas", amidst the hustle and bustle of the festival, reach exorbitant figures, often destined for charitable purposes.

As usual, the day dedicated to this so representative dish of Galician cuisine includes performances by bands, dance groups and traditional music.

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