Festa da Lamprea

Lamprey tasting accompanied by O Condado wine
Fair/Popular festival

The lamprey is the most primitive fish, some 400 million years old. Its appearance, a grey and yellow cylindrical body without scales, is unlike other fishes. On the plate, lamprey cooked in its own blood (the most popular dish) may look a little unappealing to the most refined. Nonetheless, it is a delicious culinary product which was already appreciated in the times of the Roman emperors.
The lamprey reproduces in the river, matures in the sea and ultimately returns to the river. Since ancient times, fishermen on the Miño River in the Paradanta district, more specifically in Arbo, have been using stone structures in the river known as pesqueiras to catch the fish. They have become a symbol of the river culture of this region.
This culinary festival has been held in Arbo during lamprey season (January to April) since 1960. O Condado wines, Galician bagpipe music and the municipal band accompany tastings under the marquees set up by the organizers. And of course, bars and restaurants around town have plenty of lamprey dishes on offer that day.

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