Festa da Troita

A Pontenova Trout Festival, which takes place in Mariña Lucense region
Fair/Popular festival

The A Pontenova Trout Festival, which takes place in Mariña Lucense region, is a unique and authentic celebration that has attracted fishermen from all over Galicia, Asturias and other communities for the last 30 years. Up to a hundred of them take part in a trout sport fishing competition that has been declared by the National Fishing Federation as a competition of national sporting interest, with prizes for whoever gets the highest number of fish, whoever gets the heaviest trout, and for the youngest contestant.

It takes place on the river Eo, a source of life and work for the inhabitants of A Pontenova and one of the symbols of the town for being the main salmon river in all of Galicia.

The festival usually takes place during the days before and after the 1st May, the day in which the fishing competition is held in the morning, and in which there is a free tasting of trout in the Praza do Concello in the evening. Sporting activities, parades, exhibitions, fishing shows,  horse dressage... and a street party are some of the additional activities that will be held at this increasingly popular festival .


Not to be missed: The weighing of fish catches.

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