You will see them by the sea or at the foot of a mountain… but you will find no two the same.

The unmistakable Galician granaries are constructions made from stone or wood, raised above the ground by pillars and meant for storing crops. They are unique of rural Galician architecture and a distinguishing trait of the landscape.

But if you think you know what they look like, wait until you have seen these… The one in Carnota which measures 35 metres in length and declared a National Monument. The hones in Piornedo, in the Ancares mountains, which seem to have been taken out of a fairy tale with elves and sprites. Or the 34 amazing granaries of A Merca, in Ourense, the largest group and one of the best preserved in Galicia. And with the sea at their feet, the lovely stone granaries of Combarro, in the midst of the Pontevedra estuary.

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