Discover the incredible boat tours along the River Sil and River Miño, canyons and enter another world. Imposing locations with beautiful monasteries which, far from the madding crowd and protected by the mild climate of these lands, have for centuries devoted their time to knowledge and honouring God and men by studying the secrets of grapes.

We are talking about gods, about men, about wines... We are talking about the coming together of the shores of the Rivers Sil and Miño, of canyons measuring 500 metres in depth, of tiny vineyards on steep slopes that require a heroic effort. Something unique that can only be found here.

This is the Ribeira Sacra, the birthplace of the legendary “Amandi”, a wine that was so treasured by the Romans that they considered it the “gold of the River Sil”. A wine that centuries later the Benedictine monks produced exclusively for the wineries of the most refined popes.

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