Camariñas - A Coruña

43º 07' 27.7" N - 9º 11' 02.1" W


Trail PR-G 158 allows you to discover one of the most spectacular landscapes on the Galician coast, in the heart of A Costa da Morte (The Coast of Death).

The first half of the route crosses beaches, coves and cliffs within sight of the rough ocean. The second half runs through the mountains, allowing you to enjoy serene views of the Ria of Camariñas.

The coastal leg skirts the sea, sometimes so close that the waves seem within reach. There is an everchanging display of panoramic views. Just 2 km from the start, if you take the derivation to A Virxe do Monte Chapel, you will find the first: Ria of Camariñas and Cape Vilán. The picturesque area around the cape offers many different viewpoints over several kilometres.

After you pass the Cementerio de los Ingleses, where the victims of the wreck of the British ship Serpent lie, the trail heads inland. The most noteworthy features on this next leg of the route are the unique rock formations in which you will find curious similarities. At the highest point on the trail, O Monte das Seixas Viewpoint, with a simple turn of the head, you can take in a picturepostcard view from the mouth of the Grande River to the Ria of Camariñas and Cape Vilán.

As you approach Camariñas, you will walk through agricultural land and small villages which feature the unique “hórreos” (raised granaries) commonly found in this area. The trail takes you around Camariñas on the west, along age-old narrow byways and back to the ruins of O Soberano Castle.


Go through the town of Camariñas and along the sea to the ruins of O Soberano Castle. The trailhead is located here.


22.4 km (the main route is 21.7 km and the derivation is 700 m out and back).

Point of Departure / Arrival

Ruínas do Castelo do Soberano (Concello de Camariñas).


Ruins of O Soberano Castle, Lago Beach, Nosa Sra. do Monte Shrine, Foxo do Lobo, Cementerio de los Ingleses, Portela de Reira, Monte das Seixas Viewpoint, Lugar de Mourín, Ruins of O Soberano Castle.


Medium - High


7 hours.


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Bicycle access

Totally suitable

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Totally suitable

cartography I.G.N. (1:25:000)

189-I Torbeo, 189- II Quiroga, 189-III Castro Caldelas.

Further information

Concello de Camariñas
Tel.: 981 737 004

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Small travel


Historic interest
Natural interest
Scenic interest


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