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Parish: Serantes (San Salvador)

Place: Serantellos

15405  Ferrol - A Coruña

43º 30' 28.3" N - 8º 14' 42.7" W


Ferrol is a city with a fascinating history, in which the presence of the Navy Arsenal and the shipyards resulted in a unique pattern of urban development. The Ermida de Chamorro Viewpoint provides a complete panoramic view of the city.
It was the shape of the Ria of Ferrol that led this spot in the Rías Altas to be chosen for the Spanish Navy’s facilities. Its narrow mouth ensured that the fleet could be protected by San Felipe and A Palma castles, and its calm waters made it easier for ships to anchor, giving rise to the location of the Arsenal. Ferrol was designated the capital of the Maritime Department of the North in 1726, after which it became known as the ‘Departmental City’.
Mount Chamorro is located to the northwest of the centre of Ferrol. On its slopes stands a country chapel from which it is possible to view the lovely and fertile Serantes Valley. Secluded A Malata Inlet is also visible. The city can be seen stretching out along the coast, the cranes of the shipyards sticking out above the buildings. A large part of the Ria of Ferrol is on view, with Montefaro de Ares at the entrance, framing the picture.
On rocky Chamorro, the chapel is supported by a rocking stone. The late Gothic building dates from the 16th century and has a unique covered portico. Inside is the figure of the Virgin of Chamorro, also known as the Virgin of the Northeast, a wooden Romanesque carving that is taken out in procession every Easter Monday.

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