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41º 58' 04.6" N - 8º 44' 45.3" W


Valle miñoto
The last eighty kilometres of the Miño are protected on both sides in a cross-border space within the Red Natura. It goes from the last reservoir, the dam of A Frieira (Crecente), to where it flows into the Atlantic, along with tributaries like the Tea and the Tamuxe on the Galician side, and the Coura in Portugal.
The Miño border unites ecosystems, principally the estuary habitats with its extensive area of bulrushes and wetlands (called morraceiras in the area) and islands and sandbanks (ariños). The best ways of approaching these areas are from the beaches at the mouth of the river, such as the Camposancos beach, which, also has an interesting dune system and very popular bird watching stations, including the Salcidos (A Guarda) station, opposite the island of Canosa. The hills also provide natural watchtowers, such as the ascent to the castro of Santa Tegra, or Monte Aloia (See Natural Park).
Traditionally, the river is navigable to Tui. Upstream, the river narrows between rocks and pesqueiras, stone walls built for lamprey fishing. Currently there are still some four hundred between Salvaterra de Miño and Crecente. A good place to see them is in Arbo.
Not to be missed are the line of thirty six mills in the ethnographic areas of Folón and Picón, in the beautiful municipality of O Rosal.


Main roads to Tui. The PO-552 road goes between Tui and A Guarda.

The Ways of St. James

Portiguese Route
Portiguese Route by coast


On the final course of the Miño, bordering Portugal, crossing the municipalities of A Guarda, O Rosal, Tomiño, Tui, Salvaterra de Miño, As Neves, Arbo, Crecente, A Cañiza and Padrenda. The ZEPA only covers the mouth of the river in the municipalities of Tomiño, O Rosal and A Guarda.


SCI: 2,791.64 hectares.


Accommodation: Yes.
Food: Yes..

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