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Street: Paseo dos Leóns

15705  Santiago de Compostela - A Coruña

42º 52' 42.3" N - 8º 32' 54.4" W


Santiago de Compostela is an extraordinary city for many reasons and the Paseo dos Leóns, located in Compostela’s Alameda Park, is the spot that offers one of the finest views of the old town.
The cathedral complex, the final destination of the thousands of pilgrims who reach Galicia and its historic district each year, was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1985. Both can be seen directly from this location, forming a unique vista.
Alameda Park is one of the larger green spaces in a city that is noted for its network of parks. The land was donated to the inhabitants by the Count of Altamira in the 16th century, and over time, it would become a key spot for residents and visitors alike. A Carballeira, a section of the park crowned by Santa Susana Chapel, occupies most of its area. This is also the location of an ancient and well-attended livestock fair.
In 1885, two large sculptural figures in the shape of lions were moved from Faxeira Gate and placed at the entrance to Paseo da Ferradura, a semicircular path that runs around Alameda Park. Since then, this section has been called Paseo dos Leóns (Avenue of Lions).

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