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Parish: A Guarda (Santa María)

Place: Santa Trega

36780  A Guarda - Pontevedra

41º 53' 19.3" N - 8º 52' 15.5" W


Santa Trega is one of the best known spots in Galicia. In a spectacular location on the Galician coast, the lookout point has 360o vistas of the mouth of the River Miño and the coasts of Galicia and Portugal, making it a strategic surveillance point between the two countries.

At Galicia's most south-western point, the Santa Trega mountain offers spectacular scenery and a rich concentration of cultural heritage, including a castro settlement, petroglyphs and a twelfth-century hermitage.

The immensity of the Atlantic Ocean contrasts with the welcoming valley of the Miño. The best moment to admire them both is at sunset, when the light and colours at Santa Trega are at their most spectacular.

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